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    Is this the contact info for the OCS you mentioned, BTW? Some readers might care to get in touch with them.  

    One other possible suggestion: it may be worth filing a  Freedom of Information request with the State Department for any records of interchanges between State and OCS concerning Wikileaks during the pertinent time period. File this as fast as you can to prevent destruction of any existing records; they have to hold on to the records if there is a equest in process.

    It would be most interesting to know who is responsible for giving this piece of advice to OCS? What you were told, is that official U.S. Government policy? Or an overzealous braodening of same by some activist official at State? It would also be interesting perhaps to know who specifically within OCS was the recipient of the advice.

    In addition, possibly Dr. Phillips or another law professor or public interest organization might be interested in testing this policy and/or advice on avarious fronts. If this is official government policy, then one issue would be "prior restraint" on speech, generally prohibited by the First Amendment. Another cause of action, whether or not it is Government policy -- with either State officials or OCS or both as respondent possibly -- might be the  attempt to deprive you and others, through intimidation, of your First Amendment rights.

    someone with legal training and experience could perhaps also be helpful in crafting a FOIA request that can't be easily blown off. FOIA can be a powerful tool, when used with skill and persistence.

    Cheers and good luck to you in your efforts and future career!

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