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    Inventor, abrauer

    @XXX Any minimally literate person knows I did not compare Obama and Hitler - it had nothing to do with Oabma, only his sickest fans

    So it's those who support Obama, or rather his "fans," who are "like Hitler."

    And I thought he was only comparing the "fans" to Leni Riefenstahl. Apparently, his "fans" aren't Riefenstahl's at all; they're the Hitlers in this bizarre metaphor?

    I can't even follow Greenwald's logic here.

    In a metaphor, each part must serve in some associative capacity, basically in substitution for something else. He's not even showing basic clarity of thinking here, which is painful to watch for a Progressive Journalist. His original metaphor made more sense. This one is more offensive, however. Wow.

    "There are always two parties; the establishment and the movement." - Emerson

    by mahakali overdrive on Sun Dec 05, 2010 at 03:42:00 PM PST

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