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View Diary: Make Calls NOW! NO DEAL On Tax Cuts For The Super Rich (UPDATED 3x) (207 comments)

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    elwior, radical simplicity

    I did too at first until the term jobcreator used by Rethugs and echoed incessantly  to our common disbelief through the WH and corridors of washington power,

    actually refers to the time honored beltway tradition of the revolving door.

    And in that sense these multimillionaire "small businesses" like wink wink Bectel, banks and brokers like Goldman Sachs and even BP do create JOBS,  They create high paid attractive positions and even one shot speaking engagements for thousands and millions of dollars, not for you and me, but for the newly unemployed politicians who served them loyally.  So don't think the politicos are being coy or hypocritical or cynical.  The multi million/billionaire tax break recipients will use a bit of the money to create JOBs, but the jobs are for politicians once they complete thier assignments and thier mission is completed.  

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