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View Diary: President Obama, HOW DARE YOU SELL OUT! (with poll) (128 comments)

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  •  Yes, he's fallen short of goals he never stated (0+ / 0-)

    Single Payer? He very explicitly ruled that out during the campaign. I suppose he betrayed us all on Afghanistan, too. By doing exactly what he said he would...

    Ending tax cuts for the rich--yes he did promise that. He also promised to extend them for everyone making under $250k per year. So either way, he has to break a promise, apparently. The question is which one. Either way he gets slammed for it.

    Could he have done things differently? Like press to have the tax cut votes before the election? He did that. Congressional Dems ran for cover like cockroaches. Perhaps instead of laying this all on Obama, we can blame the party as a whole, as it so richly merits. Obama is the party leader and deserves his share of blame. But he's hardly the only problem. In fact, he's not even close to the main one.

    Everyone keeps saying he sold out to the GOP on this and that. In reality, it wasn't the Republicans he caved to, it was the members of his own party--like Lieberman, Nelson, Stupak, etc, who put their own agendas first & that of their country and party second.

    And let's not forget it was the likes of Dodd, Dorgan, and Baucus who got this whole 2-year extension thing rolling in the first place.

    I stand by my original point. Bash Obama diaries are a dime a dozen here & don't really fall under the heading of "dissent."

    That said, I appreciate that unlike some of the others here, you recognize the importance of keeping the WH in Dem hands 2 years from now and agree that if we don't express our discontent, we won't get heard. I'm all for working to get better Dems elected to the House and Senate in 2012. I don't think FDR or LBJ could have accomplished much with many of this lot.

    It's the way many here choose to express their discontent and whom they direct it at that's the problem.

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