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View Diary: Rep. Steve King wants to bring back McCarthyism (200 comments)

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    First they came for the artists:

    "A spokesman for Representative John Boehner, the incoming House speaker, called for the Smithsonian to shut down the exhibition or "be prepared to face tough scrutiny" under the new Republican majority."

    But I was not an artist, so I said nothing.

    Then they came for the scientists:

    "The incoming Republican majority in the House of Representatives has selected the National Science Foundation (NSF) as the first target for a ‘YouCut Citizen Review’, in which ordinary Americans are being asked to identify ‘wasteful spending that should be cut’."

    But I was not a scientist, so I said nothing.

    Then they came for everyone they thought of as "Marxists," (which to them meant anyone earning less than a million a year):

    "In an interview [...Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa)] was asked if he supported a recent conspiracy-laced speech by conservative media mogul Cliff Kincaid, in which he argued that the next Republican Congress should bring back the House Internal Security Committee in order to combat ‘the ugly spread of Marxism in America.’ King responded, ‘I would. I think that is a good process and I would support it.’"  

    And I thought, "I want to earn a million dollars a year someday," so I said nothing...

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