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View Diary: To The Obama Enablers: This Is More Than A Single Moment. (1575 comments)

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    It feels like it was better when they just ignored us under Bush, i certainly understand the sting we all feel -- always humiliating to grab at that dollar as the string tugs it away...But at the same time I must make it clear that the levels of malice on the right are so vast, so frightening and delusional, that they're an active, real threat right now.

    They want a fight, they're itching for a fight. Not metaphorically either, we all know this. And this infinite buildup of political turmoil is hitting everyone. They want a fight, they NEED it. they cant win unless its a fight.

    This may be silly, but heres a lesson I learned from D&D: Evil beings can work together only when they have a common enemy and a strong leader whipping them in line. The flaw is that they are so selfish, that even when they act like they're on the same side, they are actually scheming against each other. All they need to is repeat the same clap day after day, thats easy. They spend the rest of the time sabotaging each other. maybe not on purpose, maybe with malice, doesnt matter, it happens all the time.

    Think about the damage theyve done to us and their own people. this would splinter them apart in a moment if we didnt play their game. They'll destroy each other if we give them a chance.

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