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  •  Yeah, well, I wrote a diary (3+ / 0-)

    basically saying the same thing as your comment, and it attracted so many flames I finally got sick of it all and deleted it.

    Obama did seem to be thinking of the Constitutional Convention, but unlike the flamers in my diary, I don't agree with him that the Constitutional Convention represented the founding of our nation.  It represented the founding of our government.  Not the same thing - not by a long shot.  Aside from that, the compromise he appeared to be alluding to -- the 3/5 compromise -- is certainly not something any American should be holding up as an example of a shining moment in American history.

    At any rate, in my opinion, the nation was founded by those who wrote and signed the Declaration of Independence and who risked everything they had right up to and including their lives, and the lives of their families, to free themselves from British oppression and establish a self-governing nation.

    That was the founding of this nation and it did not involve compromise.  Not with those who stood in the way of the Founding Fathers' ideals.  It involved fiercely passionate and dedicated people saying "Here we stand.  You will push us no further."  They said it, knowing that if they took on England and lost, they'd be losing everything.  

    Can you just imagine what the Declaration of Independence would have sounded like had Obama written it?  

    Jeebus.  The mind simply boggles.

    And yet today he stood up at that podium with passion and fire in his eyes and voice -- calling his own party, his base, "sanctimonious".   He'll go to the ends of the earth not to alienate wingnuts, billionaires, and megacorporations -- but those who devoted time, effort and money to put him into office, he has no problem talking to with complete and utter disrespect.

    Screw him.  I never said that before today, but screw him.  I'm done.

    Obama, 2008: "Yes We Can!"
    Obama, 2010: "No, I Won't!"

    by Mehitabel9 on Tue Dec 07, 2010 at 06:42:59 PM PST

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