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View Diary: Are Senate Democrats willing to fight the tax cut compromise? (416 comments)

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  •  They tried to pass UI in the House and it failed (0+ / 0-)

    On November 18.  It had to have a 2/3 majority if it was going to pass in the lame duck because of suspension of regular procedures and it failed, in part because the House knew there wasn't 60 votes in the Senate.  That means a no go on unemployment as a stand alone bill in the lame duck session.  That means it is either attached to something the Republicans in both the House and the Senate will vote on in this session or we take our chances with the new House come January.  Considering that the last time an extension was passed in the House (July) only 29 Republicans voted yes I don't think we can count on the House voting for an extension again let alone the Senate which got only one crossover vote

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