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View Diary: Do we even have a tax cut "deal?" (229 comments)

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  •  Okay - plot thickens more - but here's a (7+ / 0-)


    So, yesterday the President goes out and says that it is so important to him that the Middle Class keep their tax cuts that he will agree to just about anything to preserve them.

    The Republicans think, "Hey, we probably could have gotten an even better deal than this one."

    They start talking with each other and someone says, "Hey, if we submarine this deal and allow all of the cuts to expire and re-instate them permanently in January when BONER takes control of the Ways and Means Committee, the President is going to be so desperate that he'll sign anything."

    Hey, I wouldn't put it past them.  Why should they vote for a bill written by Democrats when they could write the one that they like themselves in about a month?

    And this is why negotiating with them was a bad idea.  This isn't the best deal we are going to get.  This right now is the litmus test for how much better the Republicans can do in January.

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