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View Diary: Tax deal still in doubt. So are the parties to the deal. (317 comments)

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    You essentially traded away everything in your bank account for shared and presumably mutually enjoyable illicit sexual gratification (temporarily) and this more generous treatment of the purient desires of both you and your mistress.

    When you explain it to your wife you can tell her you don't like it, but what we (meaning you and your wife) got in exchange was significant amounts of illicit sex (not including her), and more time for her (your wife) to have 'alone time'."

    Because even though both you and your mistress wanted (for various reasons) the illicit affair, your payment of her by draining your family's bank acount is fair exchange for your mistress' sacrifice.

    Obviously, an entirely different set circumstances than described below by the WH:

    Republicans essentially traded away everything in the package for tax cuts for the wealthy temporarily and this more generous treatment of estates. We don’t like it, but what we got in exchange was significant tax relief for the middle class, an extension of unemployment insurance for people who have lost their jobs in this down economy."

    That's why I just don't understand the WH position on how they characterize this 'negotiation'.

    Unless your mistress really hates you and hated every minute you spent together and really wasn't a mistress but something more commercial in nature, she didn't 'trade away' her time with you for the money you paid her later.  You just gave her that money essentially as a gift, even though you both wanted what happened.

    I'm just making a wild guess here, but I'm thinking many spouses would be somewhat more robust in their response to that kind of uneven scenario than would be covered by "sanctimonious".  

    Vagabond Day - Christmas Consumer Strike

    by Into The Woods on Wed Dec 08, 2010 at 07:52:25 PM PST

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