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View Diary: Is Harry Reid giving 'don't ask, don't tell' the old college try? (116 comments)

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  •  Unlimited debate (7+ / 0-)

    means the entire defense authorization bill is dead.  Republicans will offer amendments until time runs out, regardless of whether Harry Reid keeps the Senate in session 24-7 until January 5.

    Then in the new Congress in January, the defense authorization bill will come up and DADT repeal will be stripped out.  Then the bill will pass.

    This is not the fault of the Democrats, but instead of a mendacious Republican (I know, redundant) who claims to be for DADT repeal but in actuality puts a higher premium on protecting her right flank, both in the current Senate caucus and in a 2014 primary fight.  She's set it up so that she never actually has to vote up or down on DADT repeal and can have it both ways.

    •  Here's a better idea... (0+ / 0-)

      the Democrats in January should vote DOWN the defense authorization bill. "Hold it hostage" unless DADT is included. Gee, where did I get that idea?

      Of course, the best outcome would be if the defense authorization bill is NEVER passed. Then we could end the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan and actually have money to spend on domestic needs.

      Eli Stephens
      Left I on the News
      "Stand Up, Fight Back!"

      by elishastephens on Wed Dec 08, 2010 at 01:14:09 PM PST

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