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View Diary: Breaking:XipWire Taking WikiLeaks Donations. PayPal Caves, Releases Funds. UPDATES (294 comments)

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  •  At least you're putting your ambiguous feelings.. (6+ / 0-)
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    mattman, conchita, zett, John Poet, BYw, JesseCW

    out there for all to see.

    I really thought someone had swiped your password for a while.

    •  it's not ambiguous at all. (1+ / 0-)
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      I'm quite clear on both principles and they do not conflict.

      If Assange had exercised some journalistic integrity and a) redacted sources & methods info from the intel dump, b) redacted info from the diplomacy dump that was injurious to processes for peace such as the China/Korea stuff and the Batman & Robin stuff, and c) redacted names and locations from the critical infrastructure list, I'd be supporting him right now.  

      What he did was not journalism, any more than dumping a pile of building materials on the ground is building a house.  

      What he did was basically intel collection in the hope someone else would do the analysis, which is the hard part.  

      And in the cases noted, real harm was done and lives were put at risk.  That's why dumping secrets is illegal, and why prosecution is called for.  

      Contrast to the planned bank dump in January, which will not put lives at risk and which will enable Americans to seek justice under law for being defrauded by the banksters.  I'll be rooting for that one to succeed wildly, even if it's just a raw dump, because we have plenty of people including a number of 'em here, who can take the collection, perform the analysis, and present actionable conclusions.  

      OTOH, one has to stand up for equal rights under the law for all persons, regardless of if one happens to be bloody pissed at them for what they did.  That covers the Mastercard issue and the legal defense fund issue.

      And the principle that applies to Mastercard is that of an oligopoly common carrier such as a telephone company:  VISA, MC, and PayPal are effectively common carriers of money in the manner of Western Union, and should have no involvement whatsoever in "content" any more than the telephone company should be able to bleep the cusswords in your conversations.

      No conflicts there.  

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