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View Diary: Breaking:XipWire Taking WikiLeaks Donations. PayPal Caves, Releases Funds. UPDATES (294 comments)

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  •  interestingly, it sounds like one of the women (4+ / 0-)
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    accusing him is no longer cooperating with her lawyer or the prosecutor.  not yet confirmed but interesting development reported on crikey. apparently, pressure from other feminists may be causing her to rethink:
    Ardin’s move and confusion over her involvement and the real status of the charges against Assange come as the campaign questioning the charges against him has come to include a number of leading feminist activists. Naomi Klein tweeted:

    "R-pe is being used in the #Assange prosecution in the same way that women’s freedom was used to invade Afghanistan. Wake up! #wikilieaks"

    and the article also includes:

    While in The Huffington Post, Naomi Wolf posted a (quite funny) article asking Interpol to apprehend every date she’s had who turned out to be a narcissistic jerk.

    In The Guardian Karin Axelsson of Women Against R-pe questioned why Assange’s case was being pursued more assiduously than cases of r-pe judged more serious (Sweden has three degrees of severity for r-pe charges).

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