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View Diary: Via MSNBC : Dem Caucus rejects the Tax Cut Deal (191 comments)

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    Except it is the tax cut for the wealthy that is their problem.  They are all willing to sacrifice the unemployed and millions of middle income people whose taxes will go way up on January 1 to make their point and to make their so-called "principled stand" at the expense of the average person.  

    It's BS.  I'm so tempted to leave the party and become an independant.  Dems that would do this out of anger/spite for the rich are verging on class warfare and its not right.  Not all rich people are rich because they work on Wall Street or a Bank and it feels like many of you have that mindset -- if they are well-off they must have cheated the public.

    Let's be clear here.  I am not thrilled that folks that don't need a tax cut may be getting an extension, BUT, I am thrilled that average people who are not prepared to see their paychecks go down on January 1 will not have to deal with that in this economy for another couple of years.  

    We're supposed to be the party that relates to average people, provides the safety net for average people and many of you are in total support of yanking part of it away as of January 1.


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