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  •  Agreed, a primary is stupid but not taboo (2+ / 0-)
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    Here is my response to the "primary Obama!" crowd:

    In 1968, LBJ (the same LBJ whom everyone wants Obama to be like & who passed the Civil Rights Act, Medicare & the Great Society) was primaried from the left over Vietnam and we got Tricky Dick Nixon.

    In 1980, Jimmy Carter was primaried from the left by Ted Kennedy because he was too conservative. We got Ronald Reagan.

    In 2000, Ralph Nader siphoned off enough votes from the left to flip 2 states away from Al Gore, because, he told us, there was no difference between Gore & his GOP opponent (not technically a primary, I know, but it functioned like one). We got George W. Bush (who, it turns out, was nothing like Al Gore).

    So challenging a Dem incumbent (or quasi-incumbent in Gore's case) from the left is 0-3 in the last half century. Not only that, each time we've primaried an incumbent, we've ended up with a GOP president who has been an utter disaster for the causes Democrats (moderates and progressives) support.

    So, if you think Nixon was better than LBJ, Reagan was better than Carter, and Bush was better than Gore, then go ahead and primary away.

    Just be prepared to live with Palin, Gingrich, Huckabee, or Romney instead of Obama. Because history shows us that we'll get one of them long, long before we get a President Feingold or Kucinich.

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