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View Diary: Is it even possible to stop, much less reverse our course? (113 comments)

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    But the same old tactics aren't working.
    Preaching to the choir doesn't do diddley.
    Infighting accomplishes nothing except demotivation.
    Letting our frustration lead us into unreason kills ability to fight back.

    How do we turn back the tide.
    One individual at a time.

    1. Start with yourself.

    Regain your sanity, and your passion.
    Re-examine that which you think you are supposed to believe, chances are some of your sacred cows are long overdue a good tipping.

    1. Help an ally do the same.

    We need all the warriors we have to get this done in time.

    1. Talk to the opposition.

    One at a time. Focus on commonalities.
    Be reasonable, be rational, and stick to the facts.
    Know their wants and needs, and focus your argument to show how our goals will provide for their needs better than what they now might champion.
    Take the moral high ground. For example, during the health care debate, is asked the question "What does it say about our society that we will let someone die because of their inability to pay for medical care?". No one I spoke to had a positive answer for that, and no one wanted to be part of "that: society. Things like that get people thinking. You will never convince someone to cross an ideological divide, but you can give them impetus to convince themselves.

    "As God is my witness, I thought wingnuts could fly."

    by Niniane on Fri Dec 10, 2010 at 06:26:53 AM PST

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