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    Is why I am:

    a. Stocking up on dry goods when on sale.

    b. Looking hard at trying to grow food, as in planting right now (La Nina, we're ridiculously warm; I need to get going with some stuff now).

    c. Trying to figure out how I can make enough money to fix the other house enough to rent it out (to another nontoxic gardener, or at least not some idiot).

    d. Looking at everything ordinary I need anytime soon and buying it ASAP because prices are going to rise. I can see it already at the produce department. Apples for $3 a pound? Ominous.

    Etc. Also I ordered a new rugged pair of sheepskin slippers and a decent computer chair. If I have to be poor, at least I want to be able to rant comfortably.

    "Moral high ground, meet mountain top removal." - David Kroning II

    by Miep on Fri Dec 10, 2010 at 04:01:01 PM PST

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