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View Diary: Krauthammer cries fault: Obama swindled GOP! (118 comments)

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  •  If that was 11-dimensional chess (4+ / 0-)
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    then unfortunately he was playing 11-D chess on a 22-D board...

    The catfood commission simply reinforced the message that slashing cuts to Social Security and Medicare are inevitable, increasing the likelihood of them becoming acceptable down the road.

    It also reinforced the message that slashing taxes for the rich is somehow the same thing as deficit reduction, despite the plainly obvious fact that it's exactly the opposite.

    In short, if you go read George Lakoff's top-of-the-reclist diary, you should come to realize that the effect of the catfood commission was simply to reinforce conservative framing at the cost of progressive framing. This is harmful long-term.

    The catfood commission was a strategic failure. It's not even clear that it was a tactical victory - as long as there is Democratic control of the White House and Senate, slashing SS and Medicare should be out of the question.

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