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View Diary: The Incessant Whining of Liberals on these Tax Cuts (96 comments)

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    The author doesn't get it.
    Agreeing to tax cuts for the wealthiest two percent is an endorsement of 'trickle down'. In fact, extending the tax cuts is lousy public policy as it won't grow GDP. As a Democrat we don't believe in "TRICKLE DOWN." And if we're going to embrace "TRICKLE DOWN" as a party let's stop pretending we are different than the Republicans.

    A better plan would have been to let the tax cuts expire, take the revenues they generate, and spend them on infrastruce and energy independence.
    As for unemployment insurance people should have to work while they are on unemployment. We need a WPA. It's criminal to have people sit on their keester and collect a paycheck. Ditto for those on welfare.

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