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  •  because the key vote is Monday anyway (2+ / 0-)
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    A cloture petition was filed by Reid yesterday.

    If it wins on Monday (needs 60 votes) then the Senate can debate the bill for another 30 hours maximum, and each senator gets to use only an hour maximum.  And all amendments have to be germane to the bill.  Those are the rules post-cloture.

    Today, no one is in the chamber because it's a Friday.  Sanders is not really succeeding in delaying anything, because the cloture vote will likely pass.  The Senate could be in a five-minute quorum call today, and adjourn; and the cloture vote would still take place on Monday.

    What Sanders is succeeding in doing is catching people's attention, holding the Republicans' feet to the fire, and (hopefully) stiffening some Congresscritter spine so that this "deal" will improve marginally -- perhaps in the House? -- before it passed.

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