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  •  As comprehensive as this diary is.... (17+ / 0-)

    no one can capture the real cost completely.  We can quantify it, 3-4-5 trillion dollars, who knows.  How do we evaluate ruined lives, ours and those who are deemed "collateral damage."

    The ineffable cost is beyond numbers, only expressed as our soul.  Yeah, our national soul.  We have to constantly revere our "brave young men and women in uniform" and forgo any critical evaluation of what their volunteering means to the war machine.

    And then there is the intermixing of God and Country, something that is innevitable when we, the people, send warriors to die for our nation.  We have to give it meaning, and what better than to join God with Country.

    And the irony is that those 11 aircraft carrier groups we have deployed throughout the world's oceans, at the cost of probably 5 billion each, plus capital expense, are best suited for defending the U.S. from the Imperial Japanese Navy, and not much else.

    Our Military Industrial Complex is a real trifecta.....impoverish our country, debase our values and make us hated in the world.  

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