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View Diary: No one ever pooled their tax cuts to build a high speed railroad (28 comments)

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    I don't disagree with you at all, was just pointing you that you were taking the GOP to task for cutting funding to things that they don't think should be funded in the first place.
    I'd like to cut a lot of fat from the budget by going after corporate welfare; closing a lot of the loopholes and ending subsidies to oil, gas, ethanol and the like.  And throw in most agriculture subsidies as well.  I really wish Iowa was not the first state to vote - I don't see New Hampshire holding presidential candidates hostage the way they do.

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      greatdarkspot, marykk

      Thanks. Here is another point with a more sinister cast. A sizable portion of those who control major Corporations have another agenda in promoting tax cuts. They want government enfeebled so there is one less a check on the power and their ability to pursue options of their own choice by means of their own choice.

      After the power of Organized Labor was whittled down after a decades long campaign, they have turned their coordinated fire on Government. Their goals are two fold; to shrink government so it is less able to meddle in their affairs, and to buy that shrunken government to ensure that it never gains strength again.

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