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View Diary: CONFIRMED: New Study Proves That Fox News Makes You Stupid (272 comments)

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  •  How is television different than film? If you (0+ / 0-)

    watch a LOT of film are you being chemically altered in the same way? Does watching movies make you stupid? It is passive in the same way so why single out television?

    Is there a difference between, say, watching 1000 hours of Three Stooges and Bowery Boys, etc. (if you can find them) and 1000 hours of Bunuel, Kubrick and Herzog? Are the results of watching film that challenges personal assumptions (as ART is intended) different if the experience is in a movie theater versus a large flatscreen versus a 13" black and white sanyo?

    Is the following your assessment or was that included specifically in results of the study?

    It induces such a high level of passivity in viewers that even the best produced and most informative content will be difficult to absorb once neural habituation has set in.

    Did they actually study any neurological difference between absorbing say, slapstick humor and cosmology?

    The term 'neural habituation' also implies a degree of addictive behavior in so many words. Did you account for my comment:

    Discernment is the key to quality living.

    I have to take your comments with a grain of salt. It is at the very least a fashionable position to take on the matter (I to have seen Kill Your Television bumper stickers) but one that I think warrants more analysis than what often passes as a scientific 'truth' by those who may have either a compromised objectivity or based their experiments on subjective assumptions.

    The Revolution has already been televised. This is just the mopping up operation.

    by opticnerver on Wed Dec 15, 2010 at 12:30:59 AM PST

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