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View Diary: Why I'm demanding a better bill on tax cuts (181 comments)

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  •  why was the unemployment extention (1+ / 0-)
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    buckshot face

    hooked into this bill? Why did the WH send Goldman Sack' sTimmey do a deal with McConnell before the congress even started with their Kabuki. This smells just like the PO which was the bait for getting people to support the mandated insurance subsidy bill. So why should we bother to get all lathered up when you people who are supposed to represent us just plain old refuse to do what's necessary to stop these evil Republicans who seem to be the ones who are governing by rules they pull out of their asses.

    Why can't Democrat's block this damn thing and separate the unemployment extension from it? How come when the Bushies were in control they passed all this shit that now is supported by our WH. and were told it's a good deal? Or the best we can get because the votes aren't there they were there for the Bush's crime family policy. Thanks but in reality there is nothing you people who 'represent' us seem able to do for we the people, and that includes a putting on a decent dog and pony show. I'm done being a sucker or a supporter I want representation not compromise with they very entities who wrecked the economy and now get a tax cut for it as well as outsourcing subsidies.      

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