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View Diary: Lake Michigan Down By Over 5 Trillion Gallons This Year (139 comments)

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  •  You may recall a study that began in (5+ / 0-)

    2004 as a result of concerns that the UPPER Great Lakes, Lake Superior, Lake-Huron hovering for an exceptional amount of time below the long term average -- Notice the V shaped changes in prior low periods.

    And of course from that specific link you sent

    The Great Lakes experienced unusually low levels from 1997-2007, hitting near record lows in late 2007. This decline eased in 2008, and there was a general increase in levels from 2008-2009. In February 2010, an ice jam dropped levels in Lake St. Clair; levels have since rebounded with the removal of the jam. As of March 2010, the lakes are at the level, or slightly below, where they were in March 2009.

    The lows are getting lower and the rebounds that are supposed to start aren't starting or making significant gains.

    Here's that five study about water levels:

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