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  •  Yes it has been tied up for two years, which is (2+ / 0-)
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    the reason i can't understand why people don't know why we have this deal (i hope it gets much better) at this late stage. The senate has been tied up and is not working.

    I've changed my mine about changing the filibuster rule, even though there is the possibility that blue dogs will cross over like they have for the last two years. Reforming the filibuster rule will allow us to focus on the blue dogs more. The blue dogs have voted with the Dems at least 65% of the time. If the rule is changed, we can work to force them to vote with the Dems a little more. They will be less likely to hide behind the fact that the Dems can't get 60 votes anyway, and say i just as well vote with the republicans.

    That's better then what we have now. At least 2 republicans voted against the Dems 99% of the time and the rest of the republicans have voted against the Dems 100% of the time.

    Reforming the filibuster rule at least, even if the blue dogs cross over, still leave a great possibility the Dems will get their support 65% of the time. That's better then not getting anything done. Drop it from 60 to 51.

    This will also force the republican house majority to accept the amendments offered by the Dems in the Senate or forget about getting anything done. It would also make them question the wisdom of sending a lot of crap bills, if they know that whole bill could just die there.

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