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View Diary: Ridiculous things you say to pooties and woozles (105 comments)

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  •  I talk FOR my dogs (6+ / 0-)

    I channel them somehow.  My husband sometimes has quite extensive conversations - even ends up in arguments with the dogs.  And of course, each dog has a different voice.

    And somehow we think this is normal.

    •  I used to do this with the cats (6+ / 0-)

      I tried with the dogs, but they just didn't have any voices.  Our gray cat had a rather sullen persona and usually complained about her rambunctious fellow cat.  The gray one's long gone, but we still have the younger one, now entering her 15th year and still persnickety.  For some reason it was always easy to do her voice.  She had opinions about everything and could often be heard plotting to take over the world and get revenge on the "humanses" because they'd done something to offend her.  It's odd, but I never lacked for something to say in her voice, and got so used to it that my daughter got a little weirded out because I sometimes used it in talking to the cat and then answering myself back.  It was just fun making up an entirely different person with her own perspective. The interesting thing about inventing a cat voice and persona is it begins to assume a sort of substance.  She had a particular character and always stayed in it.  This must be the way it is for authors and screenwriters.  I stopped doing it after my kids grew up and began to look horrified at the thought that some friend might overhear me, but when they were little they thoroughly enjoyed the fantasy of talking cats.

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