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  •  Here';s how to create jobs (0+ / 0-)

    with the tax cuts for the rich:
    The Dems will agree to the tax cuts for the rich with this condition. The refund from the first $250k of income gets refunded to taxpayers as cash or tax credit off future returns, and any tax refund OVER $250,000 of income gets put into a JOBS BANK fund to be loaned to cities, states counties, etc to borrow from to create job growth in their areas... green, small, etc. They earn 1%.
    The Republicans said tax cuts create jobs. They didn't the last time. This is the fix to make them create jobs. The refund is loaned. They get the money back in 5-8 years, at 1%. Why borrow from the Chinese. Borrow from the refunds of the rich. Now how patriotic is that? The Rich loaning you money at 1%. Thats a deal. The Dems should insist this be in the final bill. Take it or leave it.

    •  I forgot the add (0+ / 0-)

      The Dems get the job stimulus money they need to create jobs, the Repubs get their tax cut, and the nation gets to borrow money from the rich at 1% and not have to borrow from China. Tap the rich to fund the jobs growth needed thru their refund. Or they can pay higher in January. The bill just makes them invest their refund by providing cheap money at 1%.

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