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View Diary: "Geithner Blocking Legal Help For Foreclosure Victims" (124 comments)

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  •  great point - have you collected enough examples (0+ / 0-)

    to diary about it?

    We have some serious, serious education to do. It is up to us to explain to our friends, families, coworkers and communities what is happening and what must be done.

    If we frame things properly, it is a LOT easier.

    On a positive note, I was with some reasonably liberal members of my extended family over Thanksgiving and was explaining what a tool of Wall Street and the Fortune 100 Obama is along with 95% of Congress.

    To a person they defended Obama vociferously.  I stayed patient and unhooked emotionally and gave them lots of facts to think about. And I put together an email with 5 or 6 excellent articles about MERS about the bailouts etc.

    Today I got a call from one couple - "You were RIGHT" they said.  They have woken up to what Obama is doing.

    It is progress.

    Anyone who believes exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a madman or an economist. - Kenneth E. Boulding

    by Earth Ling on Thu Dec 16, 2010 at 11:26:13 AM PST

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