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View Diary: Eric Cantor sets House schedule for 112th Congress (131 comments)

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    stolen water

    With elections every two years, fund raising for the House is breakneck.  Not much better paced for the Senate.  Just spoke to Lois Herr, Democratic nominee PA-16, and she emphasized the extent to which money is the most important item of any candidacy.  Most contributors, before they even ask what a candidate supports, want to know how much money s/he has raised.  They want to ascertain how good a candidate is at raising money before they offer anything.  If you can't raise money, you're shut out of most sources of support.

    Cantor is probably giving the members time to shovel the shit for money.  For me, the most important fight in politics, and for any other area of civic import in this country, is campaign finance:  public, period.  And the toughest part of the fight is convincing people of the cost of the current system.  I once said to a waitress that public financing was the best way to fund elections and she said, looking horror stricken, "Won't that be expensive?"  I replied, "You don't think it's expensive now?"  Most people are completely unaware of the thousands of ways in which money skews the system to benefit money at the expense of ordinary people.

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