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View Diary: NBC/WSJ Poll: Obama Leads for 2012 (32 comments)

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  •  No mention of Gingrich (1+ / 0-)
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    Kimball Cross

    Odd that they'd sample Thune (and to be sure prescient, since with the right wind at his back, I think he could be a very tough opponent), who hasn't weighed in at all indicating intent to run, and not include Newt, who has all but started composing a campaign jingle.  Just after the midterms, Newt in particular looked like a rising star, and was reflecting a 6-8% advantage over President Obama iirc.

    It would also be interesting to see if there's any national temperature on Chris Christie's possibilities.  And Haley Barbour, but I haven't heard him mentioned in a while.  Back in Massachusetts, the conservative tabloids are screaming about Scott Brown's viability, but I don't think that has legs outside of the I-495 belt (the Massachusetts one I mean) and about 50 people in New Hampshire.

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