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View Diary: 9 of the 15 wealthiest American counties are where? (59 comments)

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    Adam B

    It's been pretty much the same for many decades.

    From the Census Bureau's historical tables on median household income,

    • 10 of the top 15 in 1989 are on your list
    • 5 of the top 15 in 1979 are on your list (see below)
    • 7 of the top 15 in 1969 are on your list (see below)

    In 1979, the recently-opened oil pipeline gave Alaska Boroughs an artificial boost in income.  Eight of 1979's top 15 counties were in Alaska.  Three of your counties are among the next 8 on the 1979 list.

    In 1969, two of the top 15 were NYC-area counties that are a bit closer to the city than counties on your list.  In essence, 1969's denizens of Bergen County NJ and Rockland County NY are the same sorts of people who now live in, respectively, Hunterdon County NJ and Putnam County NY.

    IOW, your list says absolutely nothing new, nothing unexpected, nothing much at all.

    grok the "edku" -- edscan's "revelation", 21 January 2009

    by N in Seattle on Fri Dec 17, 2010 at 01:42:35 PM PST

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