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  •  I don't understand your endgame (0+ / 0-)

    Do you want borders and citizenship and countries to not exist?  (Lennon's "Imagine" notwithstanding). Should a country not enforce and protect its borders and have legal distinctions between the rights and privileges for legal residents versus those for people who illegally came here?  It's not pretty, nice, or fun, but there must be law and order to some extent.  I don't think we should encourage illegal immigrants to further increase the labor pool for more and more professions.  It's not friendly, but if you want to be here illegally then you have to live with whatever under-the-table blue collar jobs you're able to get with with your skills and education and hard work (maybe you can get better jobs too), but you should not be allowed to use any state or federal aid to attend college and after finishing you should not be allowed to be on a path to citizenship.  I don't think our system can sustain that, and it is unfair to our current citizens.  
    What would also help our current citizens, labor market, and economy is if we protected them by combating the flow of cheap labor goods into our country without tariffs or proper currency valuation. (and we need to greatly expand union organizing).

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