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  •  and if you don't look at the people who (0+ / 0-)

    COMPRISE the greater good, then who are you working for?

    abstract is not sufficient alone - abstract is comprised of human beings (and the same goes for the environment, economy, etc.)

    it is great to live in a "pure" world (NOT the meaning that is thrown around here, but the scientific one) without looking at the application in the real world:


    a bacteria culture grown in a petrie dish is a "pure" sample and can be done in a controlled environment.

    take that bacteria and place it within/on a host and the results may vary greatly due to outside influence of other bacteria, the host's immune system, etc.

    there is need for both in the real world - the pure study to determine what the results SHOULD be and the real world study to determine what the results actually are.

    it is this blend of pure and real that gives rise to compassion in human emotion.  to say that if one has not paid the local fire dues, no firefighters will show up when there is a fire is one thing.  to have firefighters stand and watch a family's house destroyed and pets die is quite another (real world situation that happened a few months ago).

    are you flexible enough to realize that true progressivism allows for flexibility to consider the real world consequence in an abstract world?

    hope this helps clear up both my and your wife's position here.

    btw, it is really a right/left brain argument you (and we) are having.  the real test is to engage both sides of the brain to find a workable and acceptable solution.

    MOVE'EM UP! ROLL'EM OUT... MOVE'EM UP RAWHIDE!!! meeeoooow! mrraaarrr!! meeeOOOOOW!

    by edrie on Mon Dec 20, 2010 at 10:19:12 AM PST

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