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View Diary: There is no generational divide on Social Security (127 comments)

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    The "reality" is that Libertarians and their ilk cannot abide the concept of insurance of any kind. ALL insurance systems are social systems; every stinkin' one of em.  When your barn burns down the rest of the people in the society formed by the policy holders of the insurance company pay to have your barn rebuilt.  The cost of the premiums is based on the actuarial reality of number of barns that burn out of all the barns there are.  Social Security is really no different at all but for the fact that we will all be disabled by age for certain.  So we pay the premiums KNOWING we will need the benefits if we don't strike it rich.  In a way, I suppose, it is insurance against not hitting the big one or winning the lottery or picking the right stocks.  And if we are fortunate and work hard and apply ourselves and pick the right stocks or horses then "the barn won't burn". I don't think anyone really WANTS to collect on their insurance policies.  Much better if the barn doesn't burn or if we no longer need the barn.

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