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View Diary: UPDATED Momentum Building Toward A Christmas Miracle For Our 9/11 Heroes (111 comments)

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  •  *thank you* - from the streets of NYC last week (5+ / 0-)

    Dear Sen Gillibrand

    I spent three days in New York last week.

    As is my custom, I talk politics with hotel employees - the doorman, the bellman, the housekeeping staff - as well as all the taxi drivers and kids working themselves through college in various coffeeshops and restaurants.  

    Oh, and the wonderful and wonderfully competent guys in blue (NYPD Police Officer Annunciato, FYPD McLaughlin) who got me stitched up at JFK after a mishap at the airport.

    Everyone is more than upset, angry, frustrated and betrayed that this bill was stymied in the Senate.

    They also wanted to know:

    What happened to all that money that Giuliani collected after 9/11? it was $$$ billions.  Was it all distributed to the families? did our 9/11 responders get any help?

    When you get your vote - and I'm hopeful ! :) - would you please look into this?

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