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View Diary: Will Obama Notice 11th Hr Unemployment "99er" Bill? (32 comments)

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  •  Where is this bill procedurally, and does it have (0+ / 0-)

    sufficient support to get a Rule from the House Rules committee to bring it to the floor without going to a committee and first getting passed there. We all have to learn some time that a lot of people toot horns and want credit for Introducing bills, which get lost thereafter while the introducer gets credit but never does what has to be done to get the damned thing actually passed. His introduction only a theatrical presentation to put him on the right side of whoever he is looking to impress with his forcefulness or political correctness according to their lights, without any hope of it actually happening. We credit Murphy here not for introducing the DADT freestanding repeal but for getting the support and doing the work to get it passed out of the House and getting it passed.

    Where exactly is this bill in the procedure of the House.

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