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View Diary: Senate PASSES Community Radio Bill - Low Power FM Nationwide (243 comments)

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  •  Indeed, you put it much better (9+ / 0-)

    than I did.  This is a genuine grassroots, bipartisan victory.  I'm pretty sure that's one of the reason it hasn't made headlines or been mentioned much, but it would be good to look at the methods used to further other issues that the grassroots of both sides agree on.  I'm not sure there's a whole lot of those, but I imagine they are significant.

    I wish this diary would make the recommended list, it really is important news.

    I refuse to represent my political beliefs using numbers. It isn't accurate, nor is it helpful. But I'm around a -10 on both scales.

    by AoT on Sun Dec 19, 2010 at 04:33:54 PM PST

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