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View Diary: Senate PASSES Community Radio Bill - Low Power FM Nationwide (243 comments)

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  •  Either get the truth out via different media (1+ / 0-)
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    Sui Juris

    or buy full-power radio stations and put your own message out there.

    •  that won't work to fix this problem (0+ / 0-)

      AM radio is a major medium (and dominating in politics as is)  so a democracy shoots itself in the foot by leaving it alone to be used as a wholly owned corporate propaganda tool to push the country around. it can do what no other medium can because there is NO significant competition as is in the same medium and it is ubiquitous and free, available in all cars and on all radios but a few.

      there will be no solution to this if we wait for the monopoly to give up its valuable radio stations to the competition. there is no market solution to this and the contrary to what limbaugh and hannity say every day, their monopoly dominance (95%) does not reflect the market values of a country that overwhelmingly voted for obama.

      a new FD is impossible the way RW radio rules politics and the GOP can obstruct but your solution is no more practical.

      Progressives will lose all major messaging battles until they picket the limbaugh/hannity megastations and boycott those stations' local sponsors.

      by certainot on Mon Dec 20, 2010 at 07:50:40 AM PST

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      •  The people who get their "news" from AM radio are (0+ / 0-)

        a dying breed.  They are the oldest demographic.  It is true that they vote in considerable numbers, but their numbers are shrinking,not growing.  The way to balance them out is to get younger, more progressive people to vote.  You are not going to accomplish that through AM radio, even if you went out and bought up a slew of powerful AM radio stations.  The people that you want to reach simply do not listen to AM.

        You are also not going to change the attitudes of many of the die-hard AM listeners/Limbaugh and Hannity followers even if you were to buy up the AM powerhouse stations.  They are too set in their ways.  Reinstating the Fairness Doctrine is also not going to solve the problem.  For at least the next two years, the Republicans would deny funding for its enforcement, and enforcing it would be unwieldy to begin with, even if the FCC had the resources to do so (which it doesn't).

        Do you want to change what AM carries?  Either buy up AM stations and program them yourself, or exert economic pressure on the stations and their advertisers through petitions, picket lines, boycotts, etc.  The owners of AM stations will sell out if the price is right.

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