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    OleHippieChick, Stop Pandering

    "competition as contest."  That is, the object of competition isn't to achieve a particular goal first by being more efficient and effective, as a horse in a race, but by knocking other competitors out, as in a boxing match.  The competitors' energy isn't directed forward, progressive; it's antagonistic and defensive.  Which is why there always have to be at least two sides (bi-partisanship).  If there are no contestants, competition cannot exist.

    It's this basic paradigm which accounts, I would wager, for the persistent segregation and separation of groups to provide the opposition that's perceived as necessary to keep American society dynamic--churning in place, not changing and not moving forward.  

    It's not an exclusive paradigm, but it is inherently destructive of the individual person as groups are pitted against each other in a struggle to the death.  And, when one group is defeated, another is recruited to take its place -- just as gays and brown-skinned immigrants have recently replaced African Americans in the fray.  (Which does not mean that African Americans have come out ahead.  They've just melted into the background along with Irish and Italian and Polish immigrant populations).

    The competition as contest paradigm doesn't even require natural persons to set against each other.  Small corporations versus large corporations works, as well.  Each can be advantaged or handicapped legislatively in turn to keep up the churn.

    What's the basic motivation?  Exploitation.  The Euro American population brought with it an exploitative, extractive, extortionist pattern of social organization which, despite all the protestations of equality, persists.  White v. black, immigrant v. native, male v. female, natural person v. artificial person are all just variants of the requisite dichotomy.  It's as if there is no existence without an opponent to strive against.  Very primitive.  Cain v. Abel modified to be less-than-lethal.

    The conservative mind relies mainly on what is plain to see.

    by hannah on Fri Dec 24, 2010 at 03:02:41 AM PST

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