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View Diary: Dead activists are funny. And stupid! (170 comments)

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  •  Opinion Journal Asked for Tips, sooo.... (3.75)
    Dear Elizabeth Crowley, Nathan Dewey, Barak Moore, Doug Levene, Ted Barszewski, Robert LeChevalier, Scott Yenor, Edward Schulze, Yehuda Hilewitz, Peter Shalen, Paul Cooper, Tom Linehan, Darren Gold, Chris Stetsko, Richard Miniter, Charlie Gaylord, Cesar Canizales, Michael Segal, Kyle Dubbert, Jim Naso, David Skurnick, Heidi Huettner, Tom Harris, Philip Lindquist, Henry Hanks, Kurt Schneider, Tim McClellan, Napoleon Cole and Carl Sherer,

    Yes, I have a tip. Don't go around denigrating young dead women. Agree or disagree with Rachel Corrie's actions, she died an horrific death. You all should be ashamed and disgusted with yourselves for pointing out Little Green Footballs' disgusting Idiotarian Award. To my mind you guys and LGF deserve that one hands down.

    Thanks for your time.

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