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    Yes, I have read occasionally over there to catch up on terrorism/security issues, and I appreciate that, but the tone he's encouraging on that site is horrendous, really.  What terrifies me is the fact that relatives of mine (Democrats! liberals!) have somehow, some way got it in their heads that all Muslims are our enemies, basically.  I did not have the heart to tell them that I have several close Muslim friends and figured this was also not the best time to talk about my brilliant colleague from Lebanon.

    I wish there was a leftist site that covered the same issues, minus the hate speech.  I'm worried about this, in a big way.  I recall being shocked that racist groups had to be banned in many European countries, and that there was fear that extreme right-wingers actually would come to have some serious influence on the public (Le Pen..). I thought to myself, we don't have to ban anybody in America because such a thing would never happen.  

    Well, I don't advocate censorship, I do think we all need to pay attention to what's going on out there and speak up against hate.  I love the open source politics of the internet and the way sites like Kos can bring folks together for discussion.. and the way bloggers like Tacitus can spark such interesting debates.. but what are we going to do the day an extreme militant right-wing organization springs from the netroots and appears on the national stage with millions of followers?  Don't tell me it won't happen.

    "The actual term ... is short for Web log. And, you know, you drop the W and you get the blog."

    by daria g on Wed Jan 14, 2004 at 02:34:01 AM PST

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