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  •  Activist dies after IDF bullet put him in coma (none)
    The psychopaths at WSJ/LGF will no doubt enjoy the knee-slapper of pacifist Tom Hurndall's murder by the IDF. The soldier who shot the unarmed peace activist in the head while he was shielding children from gunfire claimed that Hurndall had a gun. Another soldier lied to back up the bogus claim. Hurndall has been in a coma for months and his family and friends paralyzed with grief. Presumably these additional details will only increase WSJ/LGF's glee over not only at another pointless death in the occupied territories, but the much more important issue of fodder for their juvenile stance on war.

    British Activist Shot in Israel Dies

    Wednesday January 14, 2004 AP

    "A British peace activist who was shot by an Israeli soldier as he tried to protect Palestinian children from gunfire in a Gaza refugee camp died last night in a London hospital.

    Tom Hurndall succumbed to pneumonia. He had been left in a persistent vegetative state after being hit by a bullet at the Rafah camp in April.

    The 22-year-old died hours after the soldier who shot him was charged with aggravated assault in a rare prosecution of a member of the Israeli military for harming a civilian.

    But the military judge handling the case told the family's lawyer in Tel Aviv that the charge was likely to be revised to murder or manslaughter after Mr Hurndall's death.

    The soldier, who has not been named, has also been charged with obstruction of justice for first shooting the activist through the forehead and only afterwards seeking permission from his commander to kill Mr Hurndall on the fabricated grounds that he was carrying a gun.

    A second soldier is under arrest for allegedly corroborating that account. ..."

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