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  •  Supertrolls for Dean! (none)

    I love how just about the only comment by this SUPERTROLL that survives on this board is the one in which he professes his affections for Dean. The magic words!

    But at least here he's approaching a reasoned argument.

    I have no doubt that there's a case to be made that Corrie was misguided. But I am just as sure that mocking her (as Abuali does in most of his posts) is totally uncalled for.

    If the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is ever going to be ameliorated, each side is going to have to respect the dignity of the other side's engagement.

    And the IDF is going to have to recognize that bulldozing people's houses is wrong, full stop. No less wrong than blowing up bombs in public.

    •  OK (1.14)
      I made a sick joke in one comment and it does reflect a contempt.  I'm easing off, I've spelt out that my intention isn't to mock and made a simple case.  It's not a whole thesis but at least credit me with meaning it - I'm furious at the responses, they are full on attacks.  Ottoe, don't slander me, I made my point and I'm not coming back to haunt the site.  Pretending this is about respect is what I call disingenuous.  Stay on a high horse if you must, bunch of angry kids.

      I will say this:  there is more hate here, and in Democratic/radical left sites like this, than in the websites I frequent.  I know when I'm talking to a bunch of dicks so, make what you want of it.

      •  Oh (1.20)
        Very last comment - I note the comment in question, along with perfectly reasonable points that I made, has been hidden.  So as to save to pointless hostile analysis.
      •  Oh (1.50)
        Very last comment - I note the comment in question, along with perfectly reasonable points that I made, has been hidden.  So as to save pointless hostile analysis.
      •  Lesson Learnt (none)

        I don't know what sites you frequent, but I imagine that there too new posters there who introduce themselves with a sick joke get chased away.

        And as this email from you shows you can only keep an even tone for a few sentences before you start cracking again on "angry kids."

        Two or so of the 100 plus posts here go over the line (and I gave them zeroes too), but that's remarkable considering how hateful the WSJ piece was. Meanwhile have you looked at the Little Green Footballs threads on their awards?

        If you want your comments to stick around here, keep out the offensive, flame-war starting language. And supply some evidence for your assertions.

        •  i got me a zero! (none)
          and i deserved it :)

          Vermin Supreme '04 Strong Teeth for a Strong America!

          by skaiserbrown on Wed Jan 14, 2004 at 07:48:52 PM PST

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          •  alright (none)

            That's the spirit. I understand why you were driven into such a rage ... but fair is fair, and I had to spread the love around in the course of chasing abuali off the board. And I was thinking too about our not wanting to give Taranto grist for his mill should he try to convert our letter campaign into a smear of dailykos for his blog.

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