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  •  Fusion Centers Used For Drug Cases (16+ / 0-)

    and other smaller crimes something like 95% of the time instead of what they were designed for.

    I have tried to keep up on Fusion Centers since they were first formed, a harder task than you would think. The most interesting case I have run into was out of San Diego a couple yrs ago. A couple of the workers from a Center were busted taking so much info from the Center they needed a storage garage to hide it all in.
    I believe there are almost now a Fusion Center in every State whether they wanted one or not.

    •  Emptywheel covered this back in 09 (16+ / 0-)

      A Fusion Center Before Its Time

      On June 26, the military charged Marine reserve Colonel Larry Richards with stealing classified documents. Those charges come after the military has gotten guilty pleas from Eric Froboese and Gary Maziarz, two of the guys whom Richards had recruited to get classified intelligence documents from Camp Pendleton and the US Northern Command and give to him to use in his role in Los Angeles’ anti-terrorism units.

         Maziarz testified that Richards recruited him in 2004 as his successor for taking classified documents from Camp Pendleton. Maziarz said he routinely passed such information to Richards, plus to and from Martin.

         "Almost weekly, Commander Martin would e-mail me information to tell Colonel Richards, or Colonel Richards would ask me to pass information to Commander Martin," Maziarz said during his court-martial.

         Sometimes, Maziarz said, he gave the material to law enforcement officers whom Richards had sent to Camp Pendleton. Other times, he handed off files during lunch with Litaker and Richards at a club on the base, Maziarz testified.

         "Colonel Litaker knew that I was downloading information and, you know, packing it up for Colonel Richards, .utbullet.gif .utbullet.gif . (who) would leave with the package," Maziarz testified.

         The files – some classified as "Top Secret, Sensitive Compartmented Information" – included details about terrorists or suspected terrorists in Southern California.

    •  It's been known for decades (11+ / 0-)

      That the politically inconvenient are often targeted for drug "crimes" and other such non-violent, victimless offenses when the law isn't sufficiently elastic to allow prosecution for one's political activities.

      Laws and government may be considered in this and indeed in every case as a combination of the rich to oppress the poor ~Adam Smith

      by ActivistGuy on Mon Dec 20, 2010 at 09:47:40 AM PST

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