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    Renee, greengemini

    "well, what is wrong with the idea of the economic laws of this country protecting the interests of the greatest number of people?"

    Is the winner in my opinion.  Why? Because it appeals to a basic sense of fairness and function.  An economy should work for the greatest number of people.  Otherwise, what's the point?

    The class war meme, in my opinion, better suits the Republicans, because they argue it out of the logic of red-baiting.

    If a Republican opponent brings up class war, I would say this:

    I do not call it class war for people to defend their own self-interests.  I do not call it class warfare to seek laws that punish the con artists, the liars, the thieves who helped sink us into our current economic troubles.  I do not call it class warfare to ask more of those who can do more to support their country, their states, their cities and community to do exactly that.  The only people who use that term in regards to taxes, regulation, and entitlements seem to be those who want other people to surrender in the face of the user's unprovoked assault on their interests.

    I don't quite say it, there, but the gist of it is that people are simply doing what they must to take care of themselves and their own, and cannot be blamed for doing so, and if there is class warfare, I imply, rather than directly accuse them of firing the first shots.  The previous lines help build the image of a population under siege, attacked by those who are not willing to shoulder responsibilities, not willing to live by the rules.

    The important underlying point is that rather than being folks who are assaulting the rich and taking what is not theirs, these are simply folks who are asking what is due from others, and protecting themselves by advocating for legislation that punishes the wicked and dishonest.  They are seeking justice, not handouts, fair distribution, not an unfair redistribution.

    Our side must carry the epic banners of justice.  Their side must have the tattered, worn out banners of squalid selfishness.

    And our words, and our pattern of logic must lead them to that conclusion.

    The GOP: The Party of Failure. Pass it on.

    by Stephen Daugherty on Mon Dec 20, 2010 at 12:09:22 PM PST

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