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View Diary: Montanans speak out on Sen. Jon Tester's DREAM betrayal (171 comments)

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    The issue is the uncritical acceptance of some apologists here of the lack of distinction between voting on cloture (a largely procedural matter) and voting for the legislation itself.

    Tester should have voted for cloture and then could have voted against the DREAM Act itself. He could have made speeches, ginned himself up some outrage, gone through all the talk-shows for it, in short, made political hay of it.

    It's a nationally popular bill, with the vote two years away from his reelection campaign. If he couldn't make the distinction between a cloture vote and a vote on legislation (on an issue that is likely not a priority for Montanans anyhow) he is far too incompetent to be a politician.

    As I've said before, I have no problem with conservative Democrats (though most of our Blue Dogs are neither consistent nor principled enough to be called 'conservative') or with the thesis that Tester has a generally good record, all things considered.

    I take issue with this continuing encouragement and inculcation of structural debility into the party apparatus. The Republicans have kicked our asses legislatively time and time again because they have parliamentary discipline, we have not.

    Tester's shameful vote against a good bill marks him as an asshole. His vote against cloture merely marks him as a symptomatic liability.

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