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View Diary: Rachel Maddow on dadt repeal. (138 comments)

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  •  So what happens from 2012 to 2016? (0+ / 0-)

    That all depends on if we let the friggin Republicans take control of the House and Senate. These recent victories (it's insane how much is getting done in the very last few days of this lame-duck session! Harry's kickin' ass, IMO. Finally!) MUST BE CELEBRATED BY DEMOCRATS AND PROGRESSIVES LOUD AND CLEAR. The general public needs to know that WE did it. IMO, if we on the left continue to downplay these big liberal victories and scream "Not enough!", we will lose. I am not suggesting we don't press for more!

    I'm just saying that the Left should not be perpetuating the "Democrats are weak!" "Democrats are worthless!" "Congress/Government/Obama/Democrats Suck!" memes. Let the Right do their own dirty work.

    Call out specific policies and specific Democrats, absolutely. But not the party, the government, or congress in general. Let the libertarians push that shit. We need to make the public see that Democratic values and policies work, that Democrats make government work for them. If we had a real majority in the Senate (or had killed the damn filibuster!!!!), we would see a helluva lot more done on all fronts, jobs and economy included.

    Just my 2 cents :)

    •  only unemployment decreasing (0+ / 0-)

      will keep repubs out of the house and senate. Nothing less. Things like DADT just aren't enough to get excited about. Most of the dem base is not rich. Tell an unemployed guy that dadt was repealed. A non teabagger type, a dem base guy that supports civil rights. He just won't be excited to vote dem because he's still unemployed at the end of the day.

      The party, dem party in general, needs to be called out, because it is hopelessly corrupt. Unemployment is at crisis, depression level numbers. Ignoring it is treasonous. Of course we can expect that from repubs but from dems?

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