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View Diary: Warner, Chambliss push deficit commission recommendations (266 comments)

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    But unlike HCR this bill look to me to have to make it through at least five Committees on the Senate side: HELP, SFC, Defense, Budget and Appropriations.

    And I am not sure that House Committees will be willing to pass a measure including a bunch of cuts in military and veterans health care funding only to see the real target Social Security escape them in the Senate because one Senator pulls a Baucus.

    In particular I wouldn't count on Senate HELP just bending over and taking it one more time for the team, if I were them I would demand that Baucus move something first.

    Anyway this is why I title my post 'Calling Kagro X', to see if there is some way they can really slip this through in a single move. Me I don't see it coming down in the way you suggest.  For example the blithe suggestion that five Dems on Senate Budget will cave kind of ignores the 97-0 vote on the Baucus Amendment to the C-G amendment to the Debt Limit Bill. Given the chance to vote 'Yes' or 'No' on a measure limited to Social Security EVERY Republican declined to go on record voting against. That all of them will find new courage and drag five Dems on a single Committee with them seems far-fetched.

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      I have to admit that I haven't been giving my full attention to this one. But it looks like I'd better catch up.

      Then again, more people than ever these days -- including you -- seem to have the intricacies of procedure pretty well in hand!

      I will note this one superficial observation: the language protecting Social Security in the Baucus amendment appears to mirror the prohibition against consideration of measures effecting Social Security that are written into reconciliation rules. In other words, this protection stands to reason, and has ample precedent elsewhere in Senate procedure.

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