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View Diary: Update: Lieberman blocks last-minute amendment to defense bill to kill DADT repeal (140 comments)

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    Well, to be more accurate, it answers the superficial question, in the sense that it does verify your actual hatred for the religion and its adherents in general.

    What, pray tell, does your plan involve in terms of telling these "fiends" (the religion or the people) to, as you put it, "shut up?"

    More to the point, what will be served through the elimination of religion. That is what you seek, is it not? Is it sufficient if religious folks never let their religion out in the daylight, or would their private matters still bother you?

    I guess I am trying to see what is the root of this intense hatred of others. Is it personal? Collective? Both? I'm curious. Mainly because you convey quite harsh language, and there must be some motivation for it, however unspoken.

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      You pose some interesting questions.  By "fiends" I mean the religions.  I know there are Christians who don't follow the Evangelic or S.Baptist lines.  Who believe that Jesus was about love and that too many Christians are missing the message (I'm even deep friends with 1 such couple).  They keep their faith personal, never taking it into the voting booth, and I like that in them.  Nor do they invalidate me because I don't believe what they do.  That kind of Christian I can deal with.  I can't stand the cranks.  How would I shut them up?  Well, that's one of those wishes that I can't make come true.  Can I?  They will go on causing trouble until the glorious day comes (probably won't) when the majority of society believes otherwise and strangles the Evangelicals down to small fringe groups.  Yes, my language is harsh and I like it that way.  For one thing, many find it funny (in a Lewis Black kind-of way) and I enjoy making people laugh while also making a point.  But the other is that I'm tired of the Christian domination over society.  Christmas is a fine (best?) example of a Jesus love fest that ever was and shouldn't be forced upon those of us who don't believe the story.  We find it offensive but even the "good" Christians don't care about that.  We just need to get over it or get called names like Grinch or Scrooge.  That shouldn't be.
      The root of my hatred is, like the personality of most others, both collective and personal.  I have reasons for disliking myself and those reasons don't escape me.  To quote Jackson Browne, "Don't remind me of my failures/I had not forgotten them."  But I also look out at the stupidity of our species and despise them for it.  So much of that stupidy cost our individual citizens freedom, security, health, culture, knowledge and so much more.  Mostly, in the case of those who actually fight the wars and pay the cost, for the sake of some stupid God.  For the wealthy it's more, of course, for more money and opportunities.  Either reason sickens me.
      Life, and what it's taken away from me, is not blameless in my attitude, either.  I'm not a big fan of it and am ready to go whenever the big clock says, "Time's up, my friend".  I can't find it within myself to make that time now but will not fight when the alarm goes off.  That makes one a bit harsh, I suppose.

      "Put on your high-heeled sneakers/it's Party time" - Steely Dan.

      by rainmanjr on Thu Dec 23, 2010 at 11:07:02 AM PST

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